Individual Internet Banking


Individual Internet Banking is an online service for Individual customers who perform banking transactions anywhere and anytime, without having to visit a branch office.


Easy Access
Access your Individual Internet Banking 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through

Easy to use
Using User ID, Password, Token, and Internet Access you can access Individual Internet Banking , you do not need to install specific software or program.

Enjoy the Individual Internet banking service anywhere anytime.


  • https Website is more secure compared to http website.
  • More secured Internet Banking encryption using Security Socket Layer (SSL) 128 encryption bit.
  • VeriSign signature- Using Token for Login and execute every transaction.

Product Risk

The failure of the e-Channel system (Internet and Mobile Banking) Bank (system down/system error).

Procedures and Requirements

  • Subscribe for Internet Banking service in nearest Commonwealth Bank branch by completing and signing the product & services application form and providing the required documents
  • Login using given User ID and static password.

Document Requirement:

Resident : Valid ID (KTP)
Non Resident : Passport; and KIMS/ KITAS/other supporting document refer to Term and Condition Applied in Commonwealth Bank.

Features in Individual Internet Banking Commonwealth Bank:


  • Balance Inquiry for transactional account
  • Balance inquiry for Investment account (CommInvest)
  • Monthly Account Statements
  • Monthly Mutual Fund Account Statement (available in Internet Banking only up to the last 6 months)
  • Account Movement
  • Transaction History
  • Active Term Deposit Inquiry
  • Standing Order Inquiry
  • Loan Details
  • Loan Account Activity
  • Loan Payment History

Fund transfer

  • Fund transfer to your own account or to other’s account in Commonwealth Bank with cross currency between IDR, USD, AUD, SGD, EUR, GBP, CNY, NZD, HKD and JPY.
  • Fund transfer in IDR to domestic banks using SKN, RTGS and RealTime transfer method
  • Fund transfer in foreign currency using SWIFT to domestic or overseas (currently available in AUD and USD)
  • Future dated fund transfer
  • Standing Order fund transfer
  • Fund transfer in Bulk (can be for Payroll or Payment purposes) to Commonwealth Bank (internal transfer method) or other Banks (SKN, RTGS or SWIFT). Currently available in IDR, USD and AUD.

Notification to Beneficiary

You can send notification to your receiver via email to inform that fund transfer has been done

Mutual Fund

  • Subscription Mutual Fund
  • Auto Invest Mutual Fund
  • Redemption Mutual Fund
  • Switching Mutual Fund
  • Inquiry for mutual fund product include NAV history
  • Inquiry for mutual fund orders
  • Inquiry for portfolio and mutual fund monthly statement

Bill Payment

hassle-free feature for your monthly bills payment and many kinds of pre-paid vouchers purchase.

Post-paid Telecommunication Bills

  • Smart Fren
  • Bakrie Telekom : Esia
  • Hutchison : 3 (Tri)
  • XL Xplor
  • Telkom : Telkom PSTN

Internet Monthly Bills

  • Telkom Speedy

Pre-paid Telecommunication Voucher

  • XL Axiata : XL Bebas, XL/AXIS voucher
  • Indosat Ooredoo
  • Smart Fren
  • Bakrie Telekom : Esia
  • Hutchison : 3 (Tri)

Entertainment Voucher

  • Blitzmegaplex Card (Pra Bayar)

Pay TV

  • Genflix
  • Orange TV

Cheque/Giro book order

  • Online cheque/giro book order

allows user to view the general messages sent by the bank and allows user to send messages to the bank and view the sent messages.


  • Change Password
  • Change User ID
  • Change Security Questions
  • Set favorite transactions
  • View Transaction Status
  • Information on Forex Rate
  • Calculators:
    • Forex Calculator
    • Loan Eligibility Calculator
    • Loan calculator
    • Mortgage rate calculator
    • Auto invest calculator

Special Rate

  • Cross currency transaction with special rate using deal code.

Transaction Limit

  • Daily limit transfer for each type of transaction
  • No maximum limit transaction for Mutual Fund transaction

For more detail of Individual Internet Banking fees and charges please look at Fees and Charges.

Fees & Charges

For more detail of Individual Internet Banking fees and charges please look at Fees and Charges. For Mutual Fund transaction fee please refer to Mutual Fund Fee and Charges table


Individual Internet Banking service is available in Bahasa Indonesia and English version.

Interested? 2 easy steps to transact using Individual Internet Banking

  • Subscribe Internet Banking service in nearest Commonwealth Bank branch to get User ID and Token
  • Login using User ID and password your Internet Banking.

For further information please contact Call Commbank at 1500030 or (6221) 2935 2935 for international access.

Terms and Conditions apply

Customer is fully responsible to every transaction instruction using User ID and Password. Therefore Customer guarantee and discharge Bank from every claims and charges arise from loss due to Individual Internet Banking Usage.

For guidelines on how to use Internet Banking, please click here.