BizLoan is a mobile application by Commonwealth Bank that facilitate small and medium entrepreneurs to apply for unsecured business loan online without having to come to Commonwealth Bank branches. Download BizLoan on Google Play for Android smartphone (version 4.0 and up) or App Store for iOS smartphone.


Product Details:

  • Unsecured business loan
  • Loan amount starting from Rp 50 million up to Rp 500 million
  • Loan repayment term up to 3 (three) years
  • Competitive interest rate equivalent to 1.09% - 1.49% flat per month (effective per 01 July 2018)

Who can apply for BizLoan :

  • Individual / entrepreneur with legal entity (PT, CV, Firm)
  • The business has been running for a minimum of 2 (two) years
  • Domicile of business is in Jabodetabek or Surabaya area
  • Monthly sales turnover of Rp25 million - Rp 5 billion

Required and Mandatory Documents Copy/Original/Photo
The Applicant’s ID Card Copy/Photo Copy/Original/Photo
Spouse ID Card Copy/Original/Photo
Tax ID Copy/Original/Photo
Business license
  • Individual with business entity is PT, CV or Firma: SIUP/other business license andTDP
  • Individual with business entity is UD, store or other individual business:
    1. If total monthly sales ≤ IDR 200 million based on self-declared and if it is known that the total net worth ≤ IDR 50 million (excluding land and building of business premises), then is not required to submit SIUP/other business license.
    2. If total monthly sales > IDR 200 million based on self-declared or if it is known that the total net worth > IDR 50 million (excluding land and building of business premises), then should submit one of the following documents: SIUP/other business license, TDP, SKU issued by Kelurahan/RW/RT, SITU, letter from building management, positive recommendation letter from IWAPI* (only for individual IWAPI member ≥ 1year) or other letter which can be considered as business confirmation.
      Positive recommendation letter from IWAPI must minimum contain the following information:
      1. Name of DPD (Regional Board) or DPC (Branch Board) who gave the recommendation
      2. Name of IWAPI DPD/DPC
      3. Name of IWAPI member who received the recommendation
      4. Phone number of IWAPI member who requested the recommendation
    3. For Ecommerce application can submit a statement letter that the applicant will submit business license to PTBC if requested at anytime.
If the business entity is PT
Article of Association which has been adjusted to UU No. 40 year 2007, with the composition of management and shareholders who have authority to run the company.

If the type of business entity is CV or Firm
Article of Association and its amendments that has been registered at District Court.
Latest 3 Months Bank Statements (not mandatory for Ecommerce application)
Under Condition:
  1. Bank statement must be in the name of the applicant, spouse, company, active partnership, the majority/biggest shareholder, director or commissioner who runs the business and also has ownership ≥ 20%, the applicant’s parents or parents in law. The owner of the bank statement must be done checking as noted in point 4.3.3 and 4.3.4.
  2. Bank statement is a business/operational statement.
  3. The submitted bank statement can be in form of;
    1. A formal statement issued by the issuance bank
    2. An electronic statement downloaded in PDF;
    3. Print screen of the internet banking showing the bank website address, name of the account holder, detail transaction and period of the statement; or
    4. Other form will be treated as deviation based on CA’s recommendation.
For Bizloan limit > IDR 200 million
  • Proof of residential and/or business (including of factory, warehouse) ownership, such as certificate, PPJB/AJB, PBB or based on collateral information stated in Ideb checking or other document based on CA’s discretion/deviation. The ownership must be in the name of the applicant/spouse/parents/parents in law/ children.
  • For PT, can be in formal letter stating company address, electricity bill, waterbill or other document with CA discretion/deviation.
Photo of business premise (not applicable for Ecommerce application):
  • The photo must show business premise from inside and outside (including name of store/business, inventory, equipment/machinery – if any)
  • The photo must capture the business activity
  • The photo must capture surrounding premise

Enjoy BizLoan Benefits

  • Convenient
    Apply and monitor your loan submission process using your smartphone every day.
  • Secured
    Protected with layered security features, including PIN and SMS OTP (One Time Password).
  • Tariffs and Fees
    BizLoan mobile application is free of registration fee and monthly fee
  • Free Life Credit Insurance*
    Free life credit insurance for Customers with minimum disbursement amount of Rp200 million up to Rp500 million
    1. *Life insurance facility is provided by PT. Commonwealth Life
    2. PT. Commonwealth Life is a legal entity and a financial institution which is listed and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan
    3. Life insurance feature on BizLoan is not the Bank’s responsibility and not as a collateral
    4. For further information about life insurance feature, please visit

Please refer to this table for unsecured business loan product fees and charges:

Unsecured Business Loan Fees and Charges

Facility and Administration Fee

3% of total approved loan amount

Late Payment Fee*

3% of unpaid installment per month

Early Repayment Fee 
Early repayment before 6 months: 5% from outstanding amount 
Early repayment after 6 months 2% from outstanding amount 

Registration Fee


Monthly Fee


* Late payment may cause negative effect to your credit history record. This can affect your possibility to getting a loan in the future

How to apply for BizLoan:

  • Download BizLoan app on 

  • Register yourself in the app to start your loan application

BizLoan Features:

  • Mobile loan application
  • Loan simulation calculator
  • Ability to upload photos of required credit application requirement in the app
  • Monitor the status of your loan application from the app
  • SMS notification

Installment simulation

Facility Value (Loan Amount) (Rp)

Loan Term

1 Year

2 Years

3 Years









































For further information, please Call CommBank on 15000 30

Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions
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