Manulife Investment Protector

Unit Link Product from Manulife Financial in Indonesian Rupiah and USD

Manulife Investment Protector is a preferred solution to invest in Indonesia, China and India capital market with an attractive growth potential. It is also a solution for life risk management.


  • Giving a potential investment return according to aggressive, moderate, or conservative investment profile choices.
  • No medical underwriting is needed.
  • The program can be attached with riders for 38 critical illness, accidental death insurance, or term life insurance.
  • 100% single premium will be allocated as an investment allocation.
  • Affordable single premium.
  • Protection for 75 years period
  • Manfaat akhir kontrak 100% Nilai Tunai + Pengembalian Cost of Insurance
  • Death benefits with the amount of the benefit is 150% of the single premium plus Fund Value, up to the age of 75 year-old
  • Death benefits Due to Accident with the amount of the benefit is 300% of the single premium plus Fund Value, up to the age of 65 year-old
  • Benefit at the End of the Contract If the Insured lives untill the Contract Expiry 100% Cash Value + Returned Cost of Insurance
  • Market Risk Unit Price Reduction Risk
    Market risk is the risk of losses impositions arising from movements in market prices.
  • Country Risk
    Risks arising due to changes of economics and politics of a country those impacts on other countries related.
  • Company Risk
    Risks arising if the company is liquidated.
  • Sector Risk
    Risks that arise when investing in a particular sector.
  • Policy Holder Age 18 - 70 years
  • Have Commonwealth Bank Account
  • Fill out Application Form
  • Copy Customers Identification
  • Other Supporting Documents
  • Withdrawal/Surrender Fee
    Withdrawal/surrender fee:
    • 7% on the 1st year,
    • 5% on the 2nd year,
    • 3% on the 3rd year,
    • 2% on the 4th year,
    • 1% on the 5th year
    • NO CHARGES on the 6th year onwards
  • Management Fee
    2% per annum from total managed funds.
    For Manulife Dana Ekuitas and Manulife Dana Ekuitas Indonesia China, and Manulife Dana Ekuitas Indonesia India, Manulife Dana Ekuitas Small Mid Cap: 2.5% per annum from total managed funds
  • Insurance Fee
    Will be charged each month by deducting number of unit
  • Switching Fee
    FREE 4x per year, More than that will be charged IDR 50,000 / transaction
  • Additional Raider Fee
    Will be charged each month by deducting number of unit

The insurance product issued by PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife and referenced / recommended by PT Bank Commonwealth (Commonwealth Bank) to its customer. This product is not issued by Commonwealth Bank consequently Commonwealth Bank doesn’t responsible for any obligation and doesn’t provide any assurance of this insurance product. This insurance product and the fund is not included in Deposit Guarantee Program of Government of Republic Indonesia (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan). Commonwealth Bank also not undertakes for any risk of the Insurance Policy issued by PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife in related to the insurance product. The Commonwealth Bank’s logo usage is entirely for cooperation reason between Commonwealth Bank and PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife in regard to the marketing process of the Insurance Product. Commonwealth Bank is neither an agent of PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife nor a broker of Commonwealth Bank customers. The fund placed will not be included in and / or not will be secured by a deposit guarantee program by LPS.

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