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Access our Internet Banking services 24 hours – 7 days a week, anytime, anywhere, for your banking convenience.

Product feature
Internet Banking Registration
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Product feature

 1.Inquiry for account balance and account movement (up to the previous 1 year). 
 2.Inquiry for Mutual Fund account balance.  
 3.Download monthly statement.  
 4.Time Deposit placement, with clause as: *
  -Available currencies for Time Deposit : IDR, USD, and AUD. 
  -Tenor scheme : 1, 3, 6, 12 month.  
  -Type of Time Deposit : No Roll Over, Automatic Roll Over (P only), Automatic Roll Over (P+1)  
 5.Transfer within Bank Commonwealth account (Internal bank transfer):  
  -Funds will be effective real time.  
  -For cross currency transfer, available currencies are: IDR, USD, and AUD. 
  -Minimum transaction limit equivalent to IDR 10,000 per transaction.  
  -Maximum transaction limit equivalent to IDR 200,000,000 per day (combined limit with external transfer).  
 6.Outgoing Inter bank transfer: *  
  -Customer is be able to transfer funds to other Banks by SKN, RTGS (for IDR currency), or SWIFT (for foreign currency)  
 7.Mutual fund online subscription (top up only) and redemption: *  
  -Customer is be able to subscribe and/or redeem mutual fund online through Internet Banking facility.  
a.For minimum limit of Mutual Fund top-up transaction, please refer to Mutual Fund Fee and Charges Table
b.Maximum limit of Mutual Fund top-up transaction: IDR 1,000,000,000 per day
c.No minimum/maximum limit for Mutual Fund redemption
  -To be able to do mutual fund online subscription and/or redemption through Internet Banking, Customer is required to accomplish certain condition:  
   a. Customer must already have a security account at Bank Commonwealth branch (please contact our nearest branch for more information).  
   b.Customer must inform the bank officer (Customer Service) to register their security accounts to be accessed through Internet Banking.  
   c.Customer is required to have a minimum 1 (one) transactional account (i.e. saving account or current account).  
  -Subscription (Top Up)/Redemption can only be done to fund with the same currency as the source account.  
   *) Transactions Cut-Off-Time is following normal Cut-Off-Time at branch.
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Internet Banking registration

 1.Visit the nearest branch of Bank Commonwealth.  
 2.Fill in Internet Banking application form and submit required documents.  
 3.Collect your "starter pack" which includes User ID and myAccess (token) PIN to do transactions through Internet Banking .
 4.Visit the website and click Login link to access Internet Banking .  
 5.Input your User ID and the number that is generated by myAccess (see how to use myAccess).  
 6.Enjoy convenient banking through Internet Banking.  
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How to use myAccess

First time use:

 Please note the followings in using myAccess for the first time :  
 1.Switch on myAccess using ">" button.
 2.Enter the 8 digit myAccess PIN as printed on the letter.
 3.myAccess will display "NEW PIN".
 4.Enter your personal new 6 digit PIN.
 5.myAccess will display "PIN CONF"
 6.Re-enter your new 6 Digit PIN.
 7.myAccess will briefly display "NEW PIN CONF" if the procedure is successful.
 8.Use this PIN every time you activate myAccess.
 9.To turn off myAccess press ">" button.
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Log in

 1.Switch on myAccess using ">" button.
 2.Enter your PIN.
 3.myAccess will display "APPLI -".
 4.EPress 1 and myAccess will display an 8 digit number as
your log in password.
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PIN changing:

 1.Switch on myAccess using ">" button.
 2.Enter your PIN.
 3.myAccess will display "APPLI-".
 4.Press " >" key for 2 seconds.
 5.myAccess will display "NEW PIN".
 6.Input your new PIN.
 7.myAccess will briefly display "PIN CONF".
 8.Input your new PIN again to confirm.
 9.myAccess will briefly display "NEW PIN CONF" if the procedure is successful.
 10.Your New PIN is set.
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Transaction use:

 1.Switch on myAccess using ">" button.
 2.Enter your PIN.
 3.myAccess will display "APPLI -".
 4.Press 2 and myAccess will request the 6 digit number generated by Internet Banking.
 5.Enter the number and myAccess will automatically produce an 8 digit number as your password for transaction confirmation.
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myAccess handling

 Important points on using myAccess :  
 1.myAccess response is applicable only for one time use.
  Every time you activate myAccess you will get a response code for Internet Banking login or for transaction confirmation. The code is created automatically in random orders as you will acquire different codes for login password or transaction confirmation each time.  
 2.myAccess is blocked.
  If you forget the password or entered the wrong password 3 times, myAccess will be blocked. Please note the procedures when myAccess is blocked: 
  -Visit the nearest branch of Bank Commonwealth. 
  -Switch on myAccess using ">" button.
  -A series of numbers will appear on myAccess screen.
  -Tell and confirm these numbers to Customer Service that will inform you of the access numbers to re-activate myAccess.
  -Simply enter the access numbers to myAccess, and myAccess will default to the First Time User screen.
 3.myAccess is lost
  If myAccess is lost, these are the things that you need to do:  
  -Call Bank Commonwealth Call Centre at (021) 7917 6000 or you can visit Bank,Commonwealth branch to request for internet subscription blocking.  
  -Please visit our branch for myAccess replacement and fill in “Internet Banking Modification Form”.
  -There is a fee for changing myAccess if you lost or broke it.
 4.Internet Banking Don’ts
  -Do not tell your User ID and myAccess PIN to anyone, keep it confidential.
  -Do not use numbers given by any other person or use numbers easily guessed, such as date of birth, phone number, etc as your PIN.
  -Do not leave your computer without Logging off.
  -Do not give your personal information in forms found on the website.
  -Do not use Internet Banking in public area (in hot spot area, Warnet, etc).
  -Do not delay in upgrading your computer with the latest anti-virus.
  -Do not forget to check your account regularly to ensure no illegal transactions take place.
  -Do not attempt to access Internet Banking via unsecured/entrusted website as the site maybe an invalid "Phishing" site.
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Should you need assistance in using Internet Banking, please contact Call Centre Bank Commonwealth at (021) 5000 30 (24 hours every day)