Bonus Saver

bonus saver
bonus saver

Bonus Saver.
High Interest Saving.

A solution for an EASY, FLEXIBLE and OPTIMUM
Saving Account with attractive interest rate up to 7,5% p.a.


Bonus Saver is a premium saving account that offers an EASY, FLEXIBLE and OPTIMUM saving solution.
bonus saverBenefit
bonus saverEasy
• Opening Account via Internet Banking
• Top Up Fund, anytime, instantly
bonus saverFleksibel
• Cash withdrawal and other debit transactions can be done anytime without any penalty fee
• Transactions can be done in any available channels
bonus saver

• Attractive interest rate
• Bonus Interest every 3 months
• Free monthly administration fee

bonus saver
Interest Rate Calculation
There are 2 (two) components of interest rate in Bonus Saver product:
  • Base interest is interest rate that is calculated based on daily balance and credited every month
    harian dan dikreditkan setiap bulan.
  • Bonus Interest is additional interest rate for 3 (three) month average balance and credited every 3 months
Remarks Charges
Initial Deposit IDR 1,000,000
Minimum average balanceIDR 25,000,000
Monthly Administration FeeFree
Below Average Balance FeeIDR 25,000
Retained Balance IDR 100,000
Stamp Duty Fee Based on Terms and Condition Applied. It is not charged on account level but in Customer Number level
Closing Account FeeIDR 100,000
Interest Rate can be seen on below table :
BalanceBase Interest1Bonus Interest2
 IDR 50 million 0,00% 0,00%
≥ IDR 50 Million - < IDR 100 Million 3,00% 3,50%
 IDR 100 Million - < IDR 500 Million 3,00% 3,50%
 IDR 500 Million - < IDR 1 Billion 3,00% 4,00%
 IDR 1 Billion - < IDR 2 Billion 3,00% 4,00%
IDR 2 Billion 3,00% 4,50%

1. Base interest is an interest rate that is calculated based on daily balance and credited every month
2. Bonus Interest is an additional interest rate for 3 (three) month average balance and credited every 3 months since opening account month

bonus saver
bonus saver
Calculation :
bonus saver
bonus saver
Calculation: :
bonus saver
The period of Product Offering will be terminated by the time Customers close the account or based on an authorization.
bonus saver
Penerbit Produk

The product is issued by PT Bank Commonwealth and guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation**

** if total deposit/insurance excess maximum limit deposit/interest rate required by Deposit Insurance Corporation, therefore the deposit will not be included into deposit insurance program

Terms and Condition :
  1. Bonus Saver Saving Account Product (with terms “Product” afterwards) is applicable for PT Bank Commonwealth’s customers (with terms “Bank” afterwards) including Bank staffs.
  2. Withholding Tax of Base Interest and Bonus Interest are referred to the tax policy that applied in Indonesia
  3. Fees and charges of Bonus Saver product can be obtained on the Fees and charges table section on Bank Commonwealth public website
  4. Customers have read, acknowledged, understood, and agreed on this Terms and Condition.
  5. Terms and Conditions that are stated here will applied as a whole unity along with other Bank’s Terms and Conditions.
  6. Terms and Condition including fees, charges and interest rate are subject to change at any time with an announcement, prior to effective date through media that is deemed appropriate by the Bank.
bonus saver
bonus saver
bonus saverbonus saverbonus saver